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Web Design and development Trends for 2017

September 23, 2016

Adopt a mobile-first approach

With mobile-phones now officially named as the primary devices used for browsing the web, more companies are realising the importance of having a site that effectively delivers content on a smaller screen. Content is designed to fit on mobile and smaller screened devices first, then you work up towards the larger-screened devices.

Wider implementation of Responsive Design

Very much in the same way as mobile first, the number of businesses that will implement a responsive design will still grow substantially. It keeps customers happy with an all-important user experience and it keeps Google search happy for the keyword rankings.

Focus on originality

Customers and users today seek authenticity from the brands they use, and stock pictures of creatives sat around a screen, or business men smiling just won’t cut it anymore. In order for a brand to really strike a connection with it’s audience, they’ll need carefully considered and completely bespoke visuals which are more representative of who they really are.

Bespoke illustrations, big and beautiful typography, and authentic photography are becoming real design differentiators.

Animations advance

Story-telling and personality is something more and more brands are working on to capture their user’s attention, and animation is starting to play a bigger role in this.

Animations come in all different shape, sizes and styles, and can all serve different purposes. Animations can range from tiny loading-devices which entertains the user while waiting for content to load, to an interesting hover-state used as a UX device to show a user they’re hovering over a link.

More card and grid UI

Cards, made famous by Pinterest are UIs where pieces of content (text,imagery, video) are broken down into individual ‘cards’ which the user is able to navigate through. Card UIs allow brands to show larger amounts of content on a screen at once. Cards tie in nicely with Mobile-First design and Responsive design with gesture based swiping.

Innovative scrolling and parallax

Scrolling, once reserved for getting from top of a page to the bottom, is being used in more creative capacities to deliver content online.

Scrolling is a versatile mechanic which can work great with all varieties ofcontent delivery. It works with video based content, where large full screen videos play and pause as the user scrolls, as well as static content, which can animate, move, or change depending on the users input.

Must have for 2017

As a business you may not be ready to implement all the trends mentioned. But what you must have going in to next year is a superfast, SSL secured, reliable and scalable website that is designed for Mobile-First. If not, your customers and Google will leave you behind.

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